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Are you considering an eldercare provider for your parents or loved ones? We list below the range of prices currently charged by the providers in the Singapore eldercare market today.

Obviously, prices vary on a case-by-case basis, depending on complexity and condition. The price range should serve as a useful point of consideration as you evaluate the reasonableness of your provider.

Nurse Talking to Patient
Home Nursing


Price in SGD

Post-hospitalization care

From $80 / procedure

Respite care

From $25 / hour

Assistance for daily living

From $25 / hour

Dementia care

From $30 / hour

Wheelchair Transport


Price in SGD

Point-to-point transfer

From $45 per trip

Medical escort

From $25 / hour

Therapy for Elderly


Price in SGD

Physiotherapy (home or centre)

From $150

Occupational therapy

From $150

Speech therapy

From $200


From $200

Home Renovations


Price in SGD

Grab bars

Simple grab bars: From $15
Integrated grab bars: From $85


From $100

Non-slip floors

Anti-slip stickers: From $25
Non-slip treatment: From $200

Shower seats

From $100

Sensors, alarms and cameras

From $100

Home assessment for eldercare improvements

From $100

Homecare Equipment


Price in SGD

Electric low hospital bed

From $1550

Lightweight detachable wheelchair

From $340

ABS grab bars

From $25

Shower bench with back rest

From $80

EZ adjust bed rail

From $215

Geriatric reclining chair

From $530

Foldable mobile commode

From $215

Health Management


Price in SGD

Comprehensive eye screening

From $180

Cataract screening

From $60

Specialist appointments



From $35

Diagnostic tests

Colonoscopy: From $2,000

Nutrition consultation

From $150

Doctor home visit

From $300

Eldercare Advice


Price in SGD

Lasting power of attorney

From $350

Advanced medical directive

From $350

Grant assessment

From $40

Caregiver training

From $120

Financial planning

From $120


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